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About Ergéa

Welcome to Ergéa. We enable the potential of healthcare.

Ergéa Group is a leading European cancer care and diagnostic imaging platform. We aim for diversified growth by offering services in four distinct healthcare markets: Managed Equipment Services (MES), Integrated Clinical Services, outpatient clinics and equipment maintenance.

We currently have operations in the UK, Germany and Italy and are gradually entering new markets in Europe.

Ergéa Group by the numbers



Linear Accelerators under management


diagnostic imaging devices under management

Managed Service / Integrated Clinical Solution partnerships

proprietary outpatient practices

Our story

The Ergéa Group has been formed through acquisitions in the healthcare sector, bringing together companies with distinct and complementary business models and company cultures.

With medical doctors establishing the strategic course in our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, Ergéa Group is a physician-led organisation that, by default, places patients and healthcare professionals at the heart of the healthcare system. We chose the name Ergéa to symbolise the patient-centric mindset we share across the group.

Like Western medicine itself, the name Ergéa has Greek roots. In Greek, érgo means 'work', and ygeía means 'health'. The blending of these two words as Ergéa can be roughly translated to "working for health". The translation 'working for health' captures our ambition to bring better healthcare to the place where it has the most significant impact  at the patient interface. This is where the healthcare system meets the patient to make a difference in each individual's life.


Our journey

Established in 2020, we’re on a journey to enable better medical outcomes and improved patient experiences across Europe. Here are the key milestones that got us to where we are today.

DWS, one of the largest European infrastructure investors, establishes a company and a long-term plan to acquire and develop healthcare companies that exhibit strong infrastructure characteristics.

The headquarters of the newly founded company are established in Luxembourg, a country with a robust environment conducive to business growth, a strategic location in the middle of Europe and a multicultural and highly skilled workforce.

The first acquisitions, Medipass S.p.A in Italy and its UK affiliate Medipass Healthcare Ltd, form a strong foundation for building a pan-European healthcare infrastructure platform.

DWS acquires RadioOnkologieNetzwerk GmbH, the largest provider in the fragmented radiotherapy clinics market, to gain access to the German market.

With the acquisition of Althea UK and Ireland Ltd, the platform’s presence in the UK is expanded significantly, enabling the group to offer a market-leading service in the ISO MES1 segment. Althea UK and Ireland brings extensive operational experience and a breadth of relationships with the NHS and private health sector.

The expanding group is brought under one name, with local variations.

  • Our UK affiliates, Medipass Healthcare Ltd and Althea UK and Ireland Ltd, are merged and fully rebranded as Ergéa UK and Ireland Ltd.
  • Our Italian affiliate, Medipass S.p.A, is co-branded under Ergéa group.
  • Our German affiliate, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, is cobranded under Ergéa group.

Our locations


Medipass SpA
Via Ilio Barontini, 20
40138 Bologna


Ulmer Str. 68
73431 Aalen


Ergea UK and Ireland Ltd
Units 4-6, Ely Road
Theale Commercial Estate
Theale, Reading



Our founding doctors

Our Italian and German businesses were founded and grown by medical doctors, who now continue to contribute to the development of the entire group on the Board of Directors of Ergéa Group.

The founding partner of our Italian and UK affiliate Medipass, Guglielmo Brayda di Soleto is the CEO of Ergéa Group. He is a trained neurologist and neuroradiologist with numerous scientific publications in MRI neurology and extensive experience in business management, clinical services and Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs). With a strong track record of driving growth and innovation, he leads Ergèa group towards significant expansion and success at the European level.


A founding partner of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk and its first practice in Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Sandra Röddiger is the the Co-Chairperson of the Ergéa group’s Board of Directors. As a trained medical doctor with over 20 years of experience as a radiation oncologist, she brings clinical perspective and understanding of day-to-day operations to the organization's decision-making processes, resulting in a more patient-centered approach as well as focus on employee wellbeing and retention. Having worked over 10 years as an entrepreneur, she has also considerable experience in business management. In her current role, Dr. Röddiger helps shaping the strategic direction of the group, as well as further enhancing the medical and operational excellence across the whole group. Dr. Röddiger does clinical work regularly to keep her skills and knowledge current.


Dr Ralf Kurek is a co-founder of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk and its first clinic in Baden-Württemberg, and the Co-Chairperson of the Ergéa Group’s Board of Directors. With over 20 years of experience as radiation oncologist and over 10 years as an entrepreneur, Dr. Kurek has considerable knowledge of both clinical operations and business management. In his current role, he helps shaping the strategic direction of the group, as well as further enhancing the medical and operational excellence across the whole group. To keep his clinical skills and knowledge current, he continues to work regularly as a radiation oncologist.


Our region executives

Our Executive Committee focuses on growing business and continuously meeting the needs of our future and current customers in a rapidly changing environment.

As the CEO of Medipass S.p.A, Michele Corti draws on his extensive experience in both consulting and business development to drive the success of the organisation. He defines the affiliate’s strategic direction, oversees acquisition initiatives and navigates complex negotiations to drive business expansion in Italy with a focus on outpatient centres and clinical services.


A Medipass founding partner and pioneer in private-public partnerships (PPP), Flavio Vinci is responsible for overseeing the clinical aspects of Medipass operations, from our outpatient clinics to integrated management of high-tech departments within public and private hospitals. He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results due to his commitment to excellence, focus on collaboration and unwavering dedication to improving medical outcomes through health technology and innovations.


With a distinctive blend of expertise and experience encompassing both the business and clinical domains, Dr. Michael Thorwarth leads the implementation of the business expansion strategy for Ergéa Deutschland. Trained as a medical doctor specialised in maxillofacial surgery, he brings a clinical perspective and a patient-centered approach to his role.
Having transitioned to business management, Dr. Thorwarth has previously served as a Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group. He has also successfully built a group of dental care centers in Germany, showcasing his proficiency in both healthcare and business leadership.

In his role as the CCO of our German affiliate, Johannes Schröder oversees financial performance and clinic acquisitions. With a strong background in M&A and strategic business development from various executive and board positions in healthcare, media, construction material and financial industries, he has a proven track record of success in driving growth and profitability.


As the CEO of Ergéa in UK and Ireland, David Rolfe leads the organization with a spirit of partnership and innovation. He has over 20 years of experience leading companies that provide Medical Equipment Services (MES) for the NHS and a proven track of record in achieving sustainable business growth. He was one of the founders of two of the key businesses that are now part of Ergéa UK: Asteral, the first independent managed service business in the UK, and Medipass Healthcare, an MES company operating in radiology and radiotherapy.


John Muolo is responsible for developing deep and trusted relationships with our existing clients and key stakeholders in the UK and Ireland. He was one of the founders of Medipass Healthcare UK and served as its CEO from 2016 to 2022 before its merger into Ergéa UK and Ireland. He has extensive experience in executive positions and board memberships in healthcare companies and the NHS. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive service excellence and build long-term partnerships.

Haithem Benabdallah implements the business expansion strategy of Ergéa in France, identifying and pursuing business opportunities, forging relationships with key stakeholders and coordinating negotiations with potential business partners and acquisition targets. With over 15 years of experience driving growth and profitability in the healthcare industry, Haithem has a proven track record in developing and executing strategic initiatives.


Our shareholders

The majority owner of Ergéa Group is DWS, one of the world’s leading asset and infrastructure managers, on behalf of one of its European infrastructure funds.

The co-founders of our German affiliate, Dr Sandra Röddiger and Dr Ralf Kurek, are the largest private shareholders of the company and together with representatives from DWS Infrastructure and the Group CEO Guglielmo Brayda di Soleto form the Board of Directors, which defines the strategic direction of the group. Also several members of our operational management have vested personally in the success of Ergéa.

Strong support from our shareholders allows us to focus on long-term growth and pursue new opportunities whilst providing a return on stakeholder investment.