We enable the potential of healthcare

We form genuine, long-term partnerships with public and private hospitals to help them modernise and drive efficiencies with the latest equipment technology. We provide all the required financial, personnel and know-how resources whilst ensuring hospitals retain full clinical governance and control.

Welcome to Ergea

Medipass Italy is part of Ergéa Group, the pan-European provider of integrated healthcare services.

Providing high-quality care at our outpatient centres

Our outpatient centres play an integral role in local healthcare ecosystems by providing diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and specialised medical care to patients.

About Medipass

We are the leading provider of technological innovation across cancer care and diagnostic imaging in Italy. We work collaboratively with hospitals to design and deliver a strategy for their equipment, technology, workforce and systems based on their current and future needs. We also provide patients with high-quality diagnosis and care at our outpatient centres.

We bring better healthcare and innovation where it really matters: at the patient interface. Whether interacting directly with our patients at our outpatient centres or supporting healthcare providers, we do our part to ensure that the local healthcare ecosystem can offer patients the best care possible.

This is how we enable the potential of healthcare.

Our services

We support private and public hospitals and clinics with a broad range of bespoke healthcare solutions and provide diagnosis and care at our outpatient centres.

We partner with public and private hospitals to enable the transformation and efficient operation of their radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging departments.

We offer comprehensive, vendor-independent solutions for hospitals looking to outsource the management and maintenance of their equipment.

Our outpatient centres provide diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and specialised medical care to local patients across Italy. The skilled professionals at our outpatient centres are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and treatments that utilise the latest advancements in technology and medical research.

Michele Corti, CEO, Medipass

For nearly three decades, Medipass has been partnering with private and public hospitals with a shared goal of delivering the best possible care to patients. We take pride in the impact we continue to make in patients’ lives, thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and partnership.

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Why choose Medipass?

We take a truly embedded approach to partnership. We bring the necessary expertise and flexibility to reach sustainable long-term solutions. Our risk-sharing model means we finance your solutions and share in the risk and the profit – ensuring aligned objectives every step of the way.

When you choose Medipass, you get a long-term partner with a proven track record who brings expertise, innovation and a commitment to enabling the potential of healthcare for years to come. Together, we can help you achieve genuinely transformational results.

Achieve your most complex strategic goals and clinical objectives

Receive expert support and guidance every step of the way

Stay abreast of cutting-edge innovations and technological advancements

Deploy service improvements faster

Ensure consistent care delivery and better clinical outcomes

Attract and retain skilled professionals

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