Integrated Clinical Solutions

Performance-oriented partnerships that help you achieve strategic transformation

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving with continuous innovation and new technologies enabling more accurate diagnosis and treatment than ever before.

At the same time, the healthcare system is facing unprecedented burdens from an ageing population, ongoing strain in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and critical scarcity of resources and technology.

We understand the challenges our partners face when it comes to delivering state-of-art healthcare. Rapid advancements in technology and equipment present many opportunities to improve patient care and clinical outcomes, but this progress brings increased complexity. Budgetary constraints, bureaucratic burdens, attracting and retaining high-quality staff and uncertainty around long-term planning are all obstacles facing our clients in this challenging landscape.

Medipass forms genuine, long-term partnerships with public and private hospitals to help them overcome these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Our comprehensive, vendor-neutral solutions deliver the expertise required to achieve our clients’ clinical and strategic objectives, resolve the disparity between demand and resources and improve clinical outcomes.

What is included in our integrated clinical solutions?

Medipass enables the modernisation of healthcare by introducing the best practices delivered with the most up-to-date medical technologies. If you’re looking to modernise and drive efficiencies with the latest equipment technology, we’ll partner with you to provide all the financial, personnel and know-how resources you require to solve your most complex challenges whilst retaining full clinical governance.

Our integrated clinical solutions provide support across four key areas:

We help you turn your strategic need or ambition into a reality.
Backed by 30 years of expertise, experience and clinical services capability, we can help you transform entire departments and achieve your strategic goals. We start by translating your need into clear and actionable objectives (both clinical and operational). Innovation is part of our DNA, and coupled with our wide-ranging expertise, we can design departments and suites that leverage advanced medical technologies to optimise patient flow, increase efficiency and improve safety and clinical outcomes.

Our dedicated in-house build and implementation team will work with your estates and clinical departments to plan and project-manage turnkey solutions, sophisticated construction works and bespoke design solutions. We approach the build phase with the knowledge of how to successfully run your department and secure the best long-term outcomes – we never choose short-term gains at the expense of long-term success. As operators with decades of experience, we have unrivalled experience project managing complex build sites and delivering building projects that increase efficiency and safety, ensure regulatory compliance and improve the patient experience and clinical environment.

We offer a comprehensive equipment service that includes complete life-cycle management of your technologies, including procurement, financing, OEM relationship management, installation, acceptance, training, maintenance, replacement and periodic updates. Our specialist equipment selection team has the international presence and the buying power to ensure you get access to the latest technologies at the best possible value. But we’re more than just procurement specialists – we manage every step of the OEM relationship to ensure clinical, operational and financial efficiencies.

Any advanced technical solution needs experts and specialised teams.
To fully leverage the power of technology, our clients require qualified professionals and the know-how of an operator with decades of experience in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging. We provide a team of field-based engineers, clinical staff and admin support as part of our integrated on-site service. Whether you require an entire staff or just a few key experienced personnel, we can provide the workforce you need to reach your clinical objectives.

Our approach

We take a long-term and truly embedded approach to partnership. Our risk-sharing model means we finance your solutions and share in the risk and the profit. When you choose to partner with us, we guarantee our engagement in the operation of your solution every step of the way with the necessary expertise and flexibility to reach sustainable long-term solutions. Together, we can help you achieve genuinely transformational results.

The discovery phase is an in-depth consultation around your strategic needs and current situation. We take an initial diagnostic of your current service and outcomes, map out your stated ambition into clear objectives, perform a gap analysis to identify the most appropriate resources needed to reach those objectives and assess all the various complexities of your current and future situation.

At the end of our ‘deep dive’, we present a project teaser that includes recommendations for the structure of our proposed long-term partnership, including all the equipment, specifications, personnel resources and financials necessary for our integrated clinical solution.

After you approve the project teaser, we create the blueprints for transformational change. During the design phase, we draft all the relevant contract documentation (draft contract, commercial terms, SLAs, etc.) and project specifications (preliminary designs, equipment specifications, authorisation process, project timetable, training, etc.).

If the client is a public hospital, this documentation becomes the foundation to start the PPP application process on their behalf.

Our experienced project team works collaboratively with your internal stakeholders to build and project manage bespoke and flexible solutions, departments and facilities. We handle every element of the delivery, from ensuring that all legal procedures are met and necessary permits acquired to equipment management and provision of integrated clinical services. If something isn’t working, we make sure that it gets resolved because we share the risk and the reward.

Once the project has been implemented and seamlessly integrated into your existing services, we move into an ongoing measurement and auditing process of your financial, clinical and operational performance. We’ll also ensure that your new clinical and non-clinical staff match your high qualification standards and work as a stable part of the broader organisation. We measure and assess pre-defined objectives and will only issue invoices once the agreed-upon results have been achieved.


Experts in Public-Private Partnerships

Since the introduction of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), we’ve been at the forefront of helping our public clients gain PPP approval for complex radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging projects. The requirements for PPP proposals are lengthy and complicated, but our technical and legal expertise has enabled us to manage the authorisation process with ease, skill and speed. Our expert team has developed a unique PPP proposal process that can deliver complex PPP proposals in minimum timeframes whilst ensuring compliance with all PPP regulations.

Advantages of an integrated clinical solution from Medipass

When you choose Medipass, you get a long-term partner with a proven track record who brings expertise, innovation and a commitment to enabling the potential of healthcare for years to come.

An integrated clinical solution from Medipass offers:

  • Unrivalled expertise – Receive expert support to plan and deliver your strategic and operational goals whilst retaining full governance and control.
  • Vendor-neutrality – Get unbiased, trustworthy advice on the technology and equipment that best meets your objectives.
  • Innovation – Bring innovative and high-quality care to your patients with the support of a provider with a proven track record of introducing tech innovation to the market.
  • Speed – Deploy improvements faster with the support of an agile partner who has experience planning and implementing complex projects in record time from contract signoff.
  • Aligned objectives – Share in the risk and reward with us, which means you only pay if the clinical and operational objectives are achieved.
  • Increased staff satisfaction – Attract and retain skilled professionals.
  • Improved patient care – Ensure consistent care delivery and better clinical outcomes.