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Our services

We are the leading provider of technological innovation across diagnostic imaging and cancer care in Italy. We partner with private and public healthcare organisations to support them in delivering better clinical outcomes and improved patient experiences. We also provide high-quality diagnoses and treatment to patients at our own outpatient centres – supporting the local healthcare ecosystem.

Our services for hospitals and clinics

We understand the challenges that our partners face when it comes to delivering state-of-art healthcare. We provide unique clinical and technology-based services focused on solving hospitals’ complex challenges and achieving their clinical and strategic goals.


Integrated Clinical Services

We form genuine, long-term partnerships with public and private hospitals to help solve their most complex issues. We provide all the required know-how, personnel and financial resources whilst ensuring the client retains full clinical governance and control. Our integrated clinical solutions support healthcare organisations across four key areas: solution design, build, equipment management and specialised workforce provision.


Managed Equipment Services

Our managed equipment services (MES) solutions are aimed at healthcare organisations that want to take a long-term approach to their technology replacement strategy. We help clients design and implement a complete lifecycle strategy for state-of-the-art technology and equipment based on their current and future needs ensuring they can offer consistently high-quality healthcare to their patients.


Public-Private Partnerships

We partner with public hospitals to help them navigate the notoriously lengthy and complex PPP proposal process. Our technical and legal expertise enables us to manage every step of the authorisation process in minimum timeframes whilst ensuring compliance with all PPP regulations.

Outpatient centres

Our outpatient centres provide diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and specialised medical care to local patients.

Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and treatments that utilise the latest advancements in technology and medical research. Our clinics are operated with a focus on the well-being and safety of both patients and personnel.


Ecomedica provides diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, radiotherapy treatments and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Empoli, Italy.


Our outpatient centres Medica Poliambulatorio and Centro Medico provide diagnostic imaging and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Bologna, Italy.


The Etruria outpatient centre provides diagnostic imaging and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Marzabotto, Italy.