Nuclear Medicine

We can help you maximise the potential of your nuclear medicine service or establish a brand-new department to offer the most advanced cancer care

Nuclear medicine is a rapidly expanding and evolving healthcare field with a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology, neurology and cardiology. Exciting improvements in hybrid medical equipment and the ever-increasing development of specific radiotracers are fuelling new approaches in theranostics and other cutting-edge techniques for cancer care and neurodegenerative disorders.

Implementing new nuclear medicine technologies, treatments and innovation plans requires specialised knowledge of the right regulations, processes, layout, solutions and software.

With upwards of 50 different types of equipment and five different healthcare specialists needed in the daily running of a nuclear medicine department – from nuc-med physicians to chemists and physicists – the resourcing of equipment and skilled professionals is critical to maximising the potential of nuclear medicine departments.

Nuclear medicine is poised to revolutionise healthcare outcomes by increasing opportunities for more personalised treatment, reducing costs and improving patient safety and survival rates. With over 25 years of experience, Medipass is a trusted partner for hospitals looking to adapt their offering to meet the growing demand for nuclear medicine.

Our nuclear medicine service

Whether you’re a teaching hospital looking to take your existing department to the next level or a hospital that wants to launch a reliable, advanced and efficient nuc-med department, we’re the number one partner of choice for public and private hospitals. Our experienced team brings unmatched expertise and clearly defined processes and solutions to help you achieve your most complex strategic goals and objectives.

We have a proven track record in managing:

  • Optimised workflows to enhance quality and productivity (i.e., over 10,000 PET-CT examinations yearly with two scanners on one of our sites)
  • Fast ramp-up for addressing routine demands (one month) and addressing the backlog in demand (three months) in a new site
  • A capable and reliable hub site that delivers radiopharma compounds to a network of ten hospitals and meets logistical and transportation regulation requirements
  • Setting up organisational frameworks suitable for producing 12 compounds for regular scheduling
  • Enabling the latest research to support researchers and companies in achieving the most promising advancements in diagnostics, theranostics and technology, including formulations with gallium, copper and zirconium tracers – the new frontiers in nuclear medicine.

We ensure you get the specialised workforce operators to manage your department, including laboratory personnel for tracer production (cyclotron), quality control and injection preparation (radiopharmacy). We’ll help you navigate the complexities of implementing the latest nuclear medicine technologies and treatments whilst still retaining full governance and control.

Our integrated clinical solutions support healthcare organisations across four key areas:

  • Solution design
  • Build and project management
  • Equipment procurement and management
  • Workforce provision and integration

Learn more about our unique approach to integrated clinical solutions for nuclear medicine.