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About us

We enable the potential of healthcare

Since the 1990's, Medipass has led the way in making technological innovation accessible for diagnostic imaging and cancer care with pioneering advancements in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. With more than 30 years of experience in providing quality care and best practices for patients, we bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges facing the healthcare ecosystem in Italy.

Medipass by the numbers


diagnostic and therapeutic procedures supported yearly through our integrated services contracts

active partnerships with hospitals across Italy in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging


diagnostic imaging outpatient centres under PPP management

proprietary outpatient centres

Our group

Medipass is part of Ergéa Group, a pan-European cancer care and diagnostic imaging services platform. The Ergéa Group has been formed through acquisitions in the healthcare sector, bringing together companies with distinct and complementary business models and company cultures.

With medical doctors establishing the strategic course in our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, Ergéa Group is a physician-led organisation that, by default, places patients and healthcare professionals at the heart of the healthcare system. We chose the name Ergéa to symbolise the patient-centric mindset we share across the group.

Like Western medicine itself, the name Ergéa has Greek roots. In Greek, érgo means 'work', and ygeía means 'health'. The blending of these two words as Ergéa can be roughly translated to "working for health". The translation 'working for health' captures our ambition to bring better healthcare to the place where it has the most significant impact – at the patient interface. This is where the healthcare system meets the patient to make a difference in each individual's life.


Our journey

We have a storied history dating back to the 1990s, when we were the pioneers in implementing and managing MRI clinical services in Italy. Since then, we’ve become the leading provider of technological innovation and required organisational frameworks across diagnostic imaging and cancer care in Italy – driven by our excellent service record and commitment to supporting local health ecosystems.

As we move forward, we remain committed to serving our customers in the same spirit of partnership, diligence and integrity that have helped us gain their trust.

Here are some key milestones on our journey.



Together with the other healthcare companies acquired by DWS in the UK and Germany, Medipass becomes part of Ergéa Group, a pan-European healthcare platform with a strong foothold in cancer care and diagnostic imaging.

Medipass acquires Poliambulatorio Etruria, an outpatient centre that provides diagnostic imaging and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Marzabotto.
In partnership with University Hospital Gemelli, Medipass supports the evolution of radiopharmacy adding further dedicated laboratories to clinical research, bringing patients access to precise and personalised cancer diagnoses and treatment.

Medipass transforms the Nuclear Medicine department at Miulli Hospital in Apulia by managing a full PET-CT clinical service.
Medipass establishes the Nuclear Medicine department at University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico in Rome and manages a full clinical service including PET-CT.
DWS Infrastructure acquires Medipass Italy and Medipass Healthcare (UK). Meanwhile, two advanced radiotherapy centres are under construction in Sardinia and Apulia.
Medipass acquires Ecomedica, an outpatient centre that provides diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, radiotherapy treatments and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Empoli.

Medipass introduces MRI-Linac technology in Italy and Europe in partnership with University Hospital Gemelli ART (Advanced Radiation Therapy).
Medipass Healthcare Ltd was founded in London to support the NHS in the UK with Managed Equipment Services (MES) in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.
Medipass implements the first clinical service contract in radiotherapy in Italy for private accredited hospital. The company is acquired by KOS Group, one of the largest private healthcare groups in Italy focused on the provision of long-term care services.
Medipass expands into internal production of radiopharmaceuticals as part of a clinical service contract.
Medipass builds the first fully outsourced PET facility with a radiopharmacy unit, including a cyclotron for the production of special tracers, at University Hospital Gemelli in Rome.
Medipass introduces the first PET-CT scanner in Italy as part of a contract with a public hospital and develops a unique PET training centre for three university hospitals.
Medipass implements the first clinical service contract for installing and operating a PET scanner in a public hospital in Italy.
Medipass implements the first clinical service contract for installing and operating an MRI in a public hospital in Italy.
The company founders begin to provide consulting services for hospitals and private clinics to support the implementation of MRI activities, the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology of the time.

Our locations









Suzzara (Mantua)


Olbia (Sassari)


Venezia Mestre (Venice)

Venezia Mestre (Venezia)



Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari)

Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari)

Empoli (Florence)

Empoli (Firenze)

Our team

We wouldn’t be able to realise our vision to enable the potential of healthcare without the experience and dedication of our talented team. They bring their expertise and passion for improving the patient experience and medical outcomes to each and every partnership, every single day.

Meet the outstanding team leaders working together with their teams to ensure service excellence.

As the CEO of Medipass S.p.A, Michele Corti draws on his extensive experience in both consulting and business development to drive the success of the organisation. He defines the affiliate’s strategic direction, oversees acquisition initiatives and navigates complex negotiations to drive business expansion in Italy with a focus on outpatient centres and clinical services. Michele is also a member of Ergéa Group’s Executive Committee.

Michele joined Medipass in 2011 to lead the business development team and was appointed CEO in 2022.


A Medipass founding partner and pioneer in private-public partnerships (PPP), Flavio Vinci is responsible for overseeing the clinical aspects of Medipass operations, from our outpatient clinics to integrated management of high-tech departments within public and private hospitals. He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results due to his commitment to excellence, focus on collaboration and unwavering dedication to improving medical outcomes through health technology and innovations. Flavio is also a member of Ergéa Group’s Executive Committee.

Before founding Medipass, Flavio worked in sales and marketing positions in multinational OEM companies.


As the leader of our project development team, Roberto Saggini is responsible for planning new, multidisciplinary transformation projects for private and public hospitals throughout Italy. With his extensive project management skills, he has a proven track record of delivering quality-focused and effective solutions to complex scenarios, ensuring that stakeholder requirements are met.

Before joining Medipass in 2007, Roberto gained significant experience in project management, sales and marketing positions at various international medical companies.

Manuela Tozzola has been working at Medipass since 2010 when she joined the company as Administration Manager. Since 2021, Manuela has been responsible for supervising the operations at our outpatient and diagnostic imaging centres.

As the sales team manager, Alberto Rossi is responsible for promoting our core services and identifying new project opportunities with private and public hospitals throughout all regions of Italy. He ensures that our sales team operates effectively and efficiently to achieve our business objectives.

Before joining Medipass in 2016, Alberto gained significant experience in business management and sales at various international diagnostic imaging equipment manufacturers.

Emiliano Vandelli is responsible for the administrative management and development of human resources, focusing on the recruitment, retention and professional growth of all personnel, whether they work at our clients’ healthcare facilities or our clinics and offices. He is also responsible for legal affairs and internal privacy.

Before joining Medipass in 2020, Emiliano had 20 years of experience in human resource management in the healthcare sector.

Francesco Rizzoli, with his dual role of Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Development, is in charge of managing the AFC (administration, finance and control) and the BD office (active in the analysis and evaluation of new opportunities, such as turnkey projects for Integrative Clinical Services, M&A operations and other business development initiatives), fostering full organisational and functional synergy between the two areas.

Before joining Medipass in 2018, Francesco worked across various sectors, including facility management (strategic planning and management control department), private equity (with time spent in Shanghai) and corporate finance (M&A and business planning).


Matteo Stocco is responsible for cash management, including managing relationships with local and international banks and financial institutions. With a wealth of experience in financial planning, he also oversees the management of the company’s debt and net financial position, serving as the primary point of contact to ensure that both local and group financial policies are in place.

Before joining Medipass in 2021, Matteo worked as a treasury specialist and analyst in various companies.

Mara Giorgia Migliazza is responsible for ensuring that our organisation adheres to all relevant legislation and codes of practice. She takes the lead in promoting awareness and driving a proactive approach to matters relating to quality, environmental health and safety within our company.

Before joining Medipass in 2009, Mara worked in different roles at GE Healthcare.

Michael Garollo oversees the development, implementation and maintenance of our company’s information and communications strategy and systems. He also ensures that appropriate data security measures are introduced and maintained to support our business objectives.

Before joining Medipass in 2019, Michael worked as a project manager and sales specialist for a major software house, developing information systems for the public and private healthcare sectors.

Martina Eleonora Caldarelli is responsible for the consolidated financial statements of Ergea Group Italia.

She supervises all compliance activities of the group, is responsible for the statutory process of all group entities and oversees all tax and administrative matters. Before joining Medipass in 2021, Martina spent 6 years in the Deloitte audit team, performing audit work in the preparation of stand-alone and consolidated financial statements, of listed and unlisted companies, according to national (OIC) or international (IFRS)
accounting standards.

Giovanni Balatroni is responsible for conducting periodic economic and financial analyses, including pricing and reporting. He also manages and supervises the business planning process, serving as the primary point of contact with both local and group management.

Before joining Medipass in 2007, Giovanni gained experience in highly reputable international auditing companies.

Governance policies

Medipass recognises the importance of corporate social responsibilities, and pursues its objectives while establishing and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust between stakeholders, contractors and the relevant community, in full respect of the law and of the principles of honesty, impartiality and transparency. Employees and all those involved in Medipass are required to abide by the rules and regulations established in the company’s Code of Conduct.

Our shareholders

The majority owner of Ergéa Group is DWS, one of the world’s leading asset and infrastructure managers, on behalf of one of its European infrastructure funds.

Strong support from our shareholders allows us to focus on long-term growth and pursue new opportunities whilst providing a return on stakeholder investment.