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Our services

We provide diagnosis and care at our own outpatient clinics as well as support healthcare providers in delivering better clinical outcomes and improving healthcare.

Our affiliates in the UK, Germany, Italy and France bring better healthcare and innovation where it really matters: at the patient interface.

Whether delivering care directly to our patients or supporting healthcare providers, we do our part to ensure that the local healthcare ecosystem can offer patients the best care possible.

Our services for hospitals and clinics

We provide a unique range of clinical and technology-based services, all focused on enabling healthcare. Our focus at the European level is on diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. These are key areas where local healthcare ecosystems benefit from our support to improve medical outcomes and overcome the challenges related to increasing demand caused by large-scale screenings and the disease burden of the ageing population.

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Integrated Clinical Services

We offer integrated clinical service solutions to public and private hospitals to enable the transformation and efficient operation of their diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy departments. We enable our clients to achieve their clinical and operational targets in the most effective way.

Our flexible solutions include site design, construction works, procurement and replacement of equipment, multi-vendor maintenance services and provision of the clinical and administrative staff necessary to operate clinical departments to their full potential.

We have more than 25 years of experience working with some of Italy's most prominent teaching hospitals. Our experience is a key factor that has led to our selection as the partner of choice for providing clinical services to the private and public sectors through national Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes and long-term contracts.

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Managed Equipment Services

We offer Managed Equipment Services (MES) for radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy and surgical theatres. In Italy and the UK, we’ve developed comprehensive, vendor-neutral and fully adaptable solutions designed to support public and private hospitals and clinics in optimising healthcare delivery.

We go beyond traditional managed equipment services by treating technology as an enabler rather than an outcome. Working collaboratively with hospital teams, we help plan and deliver a transformation strategy for equipment, technology and systems based on current and future needs.

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Maintenance services

We offer tailored multi-vendor maintenance services for endoscopy, diagnostic imaging and biomedical equipment in the UK. Our flexible contracts assure prompt interventions in the event of unplanned repairs, reduce unexpected equipment downtime and maximise operational productivity.

Outpatient clinics

Our outpatient clinics support local healthcare ecosystems in Italy and Germany by providing diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and specialised medical care to local patients.

Our clinics are dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and treatments that utilise the latest advancements in technology and medical research. They are operated with a focus on the well-being and safety of both patients and personnel.


RadioOnkologieNetzwerk is the leading private network of radiotherapy outpatient centres in Germany.


Ecomedica is an outpatient centre that provides diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, radiotherapy treatments and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Empoli, Italy.


Our outpatient centres Medica Poliambulatorio and Centro Medico provide diagnostic imaging and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Bologna, Italy.


Poliambulatorio Etruria is an outpatient centre that provides diagnostic imaging and specialised medical care to public and private patients in Marzabotto, Italy.