Transformation Services

Our transformation services are comprehensive solutions for hospitals and clinics looking to modernise and drive efficiencies through the latest equipment technology.

At Ergéa, we go beyond the traditional managed equipment services (MES) model by treating technology as an enabler rather than an outcome. We will work collaboratively with you to help you plan and deliver a strategy for your equipment, technology and systems based on your current and future needs. That’s why we call our solutions something a little more descriptive – Transformation Services.

Ergea’s bespoke transformation services are comprehensive, vendor-neutral solutions designed to support you in resolving the disparity between demand and resources, so you can optimise healthcare delivery and improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes.

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Bespoke solutions adapted to your needs

Our flexible solutions are fully adaptable to your unique needs. We offer a modular approach, allowing you to select the elements from our full service that best suit you.

Our transformation service offering can include:

  • Planning and management support to design and deliver multi-year programs of investment and improvement
  • Commercial support to gain approval for improvement plans
  • Funding support to make all planned investments
  • Vendor-independent access to technologies from across the market
  • Technology and infrastructure maintenance
  • Management of clinical consumables
  • Programmed continuous improvement