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About us

Welcome to Ergéa. We enable the potential of healthcare.

Ergéa is the leading service provider of Managed Equipment Services (MES) for the NHS and the private health sector in the UK. With more than 20 years of operational experience, we bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges facing our clients in the UK and Ireland.

Ergéa UK was formed in 2022 following the acquisition of two market-leading medical service companies – Althea UK and Medipass Healthcare – by Ergéa Group, a pan-European cancer care and diagnostic imaging services platform.

Ergéa UK by numbers

Our story

The Ergéa Group has been formed through acquisitions in the healthcare sector, bringing together companies with distinct business models and company cultures. We chose the name Ergéa to symbolise our new, unified identity and the patient-centric mindset we share across the group.

Like Western medicine itself, the name Ergéa has Greek roots. In Greek, érgo means ‘work’, and ygeía means ‘health’. The blending of these two words as Ergéa can be roughly translated to “working for health”.

The translation ‘working for health’ captures our ambition to bring better healthcare to the place where it has the most significant impact – at the patient interface. This is where the healthcare system meets the patient to make a difference in each individual’s life.


Our journey

We have a storied history dating back to 2002 when we were the pioneers in vendor-independent managed equipment services (MES) in the UK. Since then, we’ve become the leading MES player in the UK market – driven by our excellent service record and commitment to supporting NHS and private hospitals.

Over the years, our service offering has expanded to include maintenance services and specialist MES services across a broad range of service modalities, including radiology, radiotherapy, endoscopy, cardiology and surgical theatres. As we’ve grown the breadth of our service offering, we’ve consistently helped our customers implement the latest medical technologies and optimise their processes, enabling better medical outcomes and improved patient experiences.

As we move forward, we remain committed to serving our customers in the same spirit of partnership, diligence and integrity that have helped us gain their trust and secure our market-leading position in the UK.

Here are some key milestones on our journey.



The merger of Althea UKI and Medipass Healthcare as Ergéa creates the market-leading provider of MES in the UK and Ireland with strong expertise in managing services and transformative projects for radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy and cardiology.
DWS Infrastructure acquires Althea UKI.
Medipass grows through acquisition of major radiotherapy and imaging services.
Althea UKI launches its Endoscopy Transformation Services.

DWS Infrastructure acquires Medipass Healthcare Ltd.

Asteral, Mesa and TBS are merged to form Althea UK & Ireland, a large-scale, high-quality, independent provider of MedTech services.
Medipass Healthcare wins key long-term NHS radiotherapy services contract.
The service offering is expanded to include integrated cardiology and clinical consumables management services.
Asteral launches maintenance services.
Medipass Healthcare acquires and manages radiotherapy MES contracts in England and Ireland.

Medipass Healthcare Ltd is founded to provide NHS with MES solutions in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.
Mesa UK is established to provide diagnostic imaging multi-vendor maintenance services.
The first long-term NHS contract is secured, including radiology and biomedical equipment services.
The first MES contract is expanded to cover all Imaging at three major hospitals.

TBS GB is established to manage acquired biomed multi-vendor service contracts.
Long-term service contracts are secured with multiple NHS Trusts.
Asteral is established as the first-ever vendor-independent MES provider focused on radiology services.

Our locations


Units 4-6, Ely Road
Theale Commercial Estate
Theale, Reading, RG7 4BQ


St James's University Hospital
Bexley Wing, Beckett St
Harehills, Leeds LS9 7LP


67 Upper Berkeley Street
London W1H 7QX


Central House, 8 Clifftown Road
Essex SS1 1AB


Churchill Hospital
Old Road, Headington,
Oxford OX3 7LE


Wolverhampton Road
West Midlands
WV10 0QP


Edith Cavell Campus
Bretton Gate
Peterborough PE3 9GZ


Leicester General Hospital
Gwendolen Road


Brockley Hill,
Middlesex, HA7 4LP


A3 Harlow Business Centre
Lovet Road
Harlow, Essex
CM19 5AF


Farnborough Common,
Kent, BR6 8ND


Medical Engineering
RJAH Hospital
SY10 7AG


Belfast City Hospital
10 Jubilee Rd

Our team

We wouldn’t be able to realise our vision to enable the potential of healthcare without the experience and dedication of our talented team. They bring their expertise and passion for improving the patient experience and medical outcomes to each and every partnership, every single day.

Meet the outstanding team leaders working together with their teams to ensure service excellence.

As CEO of Ergéa UK, David Rolfe focuses on company growth in the spirit of partnership, innovation and collaboration. David is also a member of Ergéa Group’s Executive Committee. David has over 20 years of experience leading MES companies working in partnership with the NHS. He was the founder of two of the key businesses that are now part of Ergéa UK: Asteral, the first independent managed service business in the UK, and Medipass Healthcare, an MES company operating in radiology and radiotherapy.

John Muolo is responsible for developing deep and trusted relationships with our existing clients and key stakeholders within the Ergéa UK business. He is a member of the Ergéa Group Executive Committee and the Ergéa UK Board of Directors.

John was a co-founder of Medipass Healthcare UK and served as its CEO from 2016 to 2022 before its merger into Ergéa UK. John has extensive board and executive leadership experience, including positions within the NHS and several private healthcare companies. Before working in healthcare, John was a partner at a major US-based law firm.

Robin Rezende oversees the Radiotherapy Transformation Services operations in the UK, ensuring high performance of the teams, processes and equipment at all our project sites.

Robin started working in radiotherapy-specific managed equipment services in 1996 at Medipass Healthcare in 2011. Since then, she has had significant experience building successful long-term relationships with NHS institutions and funders.

Mark Graves oversees all operational activities and ensures that our teams and processes are optimised to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

Before joining Ergéa UK in 2022, Mark worked in leading positions at various OEMs in the healthcare sector.


Craig Farrow leads the business development, sales and marketing teams of Ergéa UK. Before joining Ergéa UK in 2023, Craig worked for over 15 years in sales at various Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Susan Simpson is responsible for the operational delivery and success of our MES contracts. Her role includes service management, technology and equipment selection, implementation, installation and de-installation. She works closely with our business development team to ensure our operational abilities can meet the additional demands and challenges of the changing healthcare market.

Over the past 17 years, Susan has helped implement radiology MES contracts, endoscopy MES contracts and whole hospital MES contracts encompassing radiology, radiotherapy, biomedical devices, endoscopy and pathology. Before joining Ergéa in 2006, Susan worked as Radiotherapy Physicist, Clinical Engineer and Equipment Manager for the NHS.

Victor Wheeler is a Director of the UK Board and provides financial leadership across Ergéa, ensuring that the financial analysis, pricing, planning and reporting enable investments for the future growth of our business. Victor also leads our IT and legal teams.

Before joining Ergéa UK in 2018, Victor worked for over 20 years in finance positions in the technology service industry.

Rufaro Chimhini leads the financial modelling and analysis activities at Ergéa, supporting both the UK business and our customers.

Rufaro has over 18 years of experience in financial modelling, financial reporting and data analysis across various sectors, including healthcare, actuarial, investments and portfolio management.

Claire Hasler leads our procurement team to deliver value-for-money procurement via structured and cost-efficient tenders to meet the needs of our customers.

Claire joined Ergéa UK in 2018 and has 20 years of experience working as a procurement specialist for healthcare companies.

Kate Elsby leads our technology team, which identifies new technologies and ensures that our technology roadmap aligns with our clients’ needs and business objectives.

Before joining Ergéa UK in 2017, Kate gained over 20 years of clinical experience as a Diagnostic Radiographer at Hampshire, Imperial and Royal Berkshire NHS Trust hospitals.

Gavin Brooksbank leads the implementation of new projects, ensuring successful planning and implementation of multidisciplinary transformation projects for private and public hospitals. Gavin is responsible for all managed service and construction installations throughout the UK and Ireland, from small refurb contracts to large multi-million-pound new build contracts.

Before joining Ergéa in 2019, Gavin worked for over 20 years in construction for the healthcare sector, predominantly on fast-track modular systems. He’s well versed in the workings of NHS trusts and of the design process requirements, ensuring that the expectations of end users and the estates and facilities management team are met, if not exceeded, whilst meeting HTM/HBN directives.

Louise Stenson works alongside some of our largest private-sector hospital group customers to create sustainable solutions for meeting risk management, compliance and cost reduction agendas.

Louise has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, initially as a procurement specialist. Before joining Ergéa in 2017, Louise held positions in procurement, capital planning and strategy. She also has experience developing asset management-led solutions for the NHS during her ten years at NHS Supply Chain.

Lee Alexander leads our integrated Customer Care Centre, which provides a one-point-of-contact solution across diagnostic imaging, Biomed and endoscopy services. Lee ensures the Customer Care Centre upholds the critical link between the customer and supplier interfaces to ensure speed of response when it matters.

Lee joined Ergéa 12 years ago and has worked closely with our teams to shape our current care solution. Before joining the company, he gained experience in various customer service positions.

Angela Larkcom heads up the HR Team with overall responsibility for L&D, recruitment and employee engagement. Angela started at the company in 2006 as a Finance and HR Administrator. Just as the company has grown and changed over the years, she too has had the opportunity to increase her responsibility, knowledge and experience.

Jacqui McElhinney leads the development of partnerships in Oncology for both the private and public sectors. Jacqui is also the lead for the development of cancer services in Ergéa.

Before joining Ergéa in 2021, Jacqui held various senior management roles within the NHS, including General Manager in a leading cancer hospital. Before that, she developed the North West Urgent Care Strategy.

Les Blackman is responsible for establishing engineering capabilities and capacity for current and emerging device technology. As Endoscopy Modality Lead, he gives invaluable advice and support to commercial and operations colleagues across the organisation.

Les has over 20 years of experience in the medical device sector. He has a proven ability to deliver quality-focused, effective solutions to complex scenarios, ensuring that stakeholder requirements are met.

Our shareholders

The majority owner of Ergéa Group is DWS, one of the world’s leading asset and infrastructure managers, on behalf of one of its European infrastructure funds.

Strong support from our shareholders allows us to focus on long-term growth and pursue new opportunities whilst providing a return on stakeholder investment.