Radiology Transformation Service

Improve clinical outcomes by modernising your diagnostic imaging patient services

The current guidance from the European Society of Radiology recommends that all diagnostic imaging equipment over 10 years should be replaced.1

Diagnostic imaging services are integral to the delivery of high-quality, patient-focused health care. Accurate, fast imaging is critical for the early detection, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases.

Meanwhile, radiology departments are under pressure due to insufficient equipment, limited resources, workforce shortages and patient backlogs – and these challenges will only grow as the ageing population drives ever-higher demand for radiology services.

Although the NHS Long-Term Plan recommends that all diagnostic imaging equipment that is older than 10 years should be replaced, the reality is that many hospitals are still relying on obsolete equipment.

Our Radiology Transformation Service

Our radiology transformation services support healthcare providers with a vendor-neutral solution designed to optimise patient care and service sustainability across their clinical, operational and financial practice.

Traditional managed equipment services view new equipment as the end goal. We go beyond these limits by treating technology as an enabler rather than an outcome. Our radiology transformation services see equipment procurement as part of a broader solution – a stage in the journey to a better staff experience, a more sustainable service and improved patient care.

Our flexible agreements are grounded in actionable data insights to support you in making confident investment decisions. We partner with you to encourage clinical, operational, financial and experiential transformation, empowering you to drive change and ensure patient and staff satisfaction.

We dig deep to understand your challenges and limitations before developing design solutions to improve your clinical environment. Our in-house design team will work with you to optimise your department to maximise staff productivity and enhance the patient experience whilst safeguarding their privacy, dignity and safety.

Our dedicated in-house build and implementation team will work with your estates and clinical departments to plan and project-manage the installation, commissioning and training of all equipment. We’ll implement all associated build works focusing on increasing capacity and improving the patient experience and clinical environment.

Throughout our consultative process, our team offers expert and vendor-independent advice and guidance on how to solve your most complex challenges. We’ll provide you with detailed comparisons of all your options across key areas, including new build and design solutions, future capacity and capability planning.

Achieve operational and financial efficiencies by utilising our vendor-neutral, impartial and flexible procurement solutions to free up clinical time and find cost savings that can be reinvested back into your radiology service.

Promote current best-practice in medical technology management across your organisation and ensure compliance with the support of our expert team. We offer CQC and MHRA compliance, KPI reporting and benchmarking, auditing and health checks, governance reviews, consultancy and end-user training.

Spend less time and make significant savings on selecting, procuring and managing clinical consumables without compromising on clinical choice or vendor-led innovation with our fully integrated consumable management service.

We offer a comprehensive asset management service that includes full life-cycle management of your technologies, including asset tracking (RFiD), availability and replacement planning, performance management, maintenance, user training, decommissioning and disposal. Our asset management solutions can include flexible and bespoke managed maintenance contracts with a single point-of-contact Customer Care Centre for all your radiology equipment needs.

We can help establish and fund a long-term service that keeps you up-to-date, efficient and effective. Our flexible solutions include part- or full-funded facility and equipment replacement programmes so that you can maximise tax efficiencies and meet changing clinical demand.

Whether you’re looking to gain greater visibility with a new inventory management system for clinical consumables or want a better solution for data analytics and remote diagnostics, we’ll help you choose, install and integrate the IT systems that work for you.

Our approach to transformation

One size doesn’t fit all – that’s why all our solutions are collaboratively designed around your unique needs and restrictions. Our approach is never prescriptive, and although the process always varies, our partnerships are characterised by several key phases.

We like to do a ‘deep dive’ to determine how our team can support you best. The first step is to take an initial diagnostic of your current service. This helps us identify areas of strength and key areas for improvement. We work in collaboration with your organisation’s management team to map out opportunities and create a strategic business plan and actionable blueprints for transformational change. 

The next step is to present our expert opinion regarding the elements and scope that should be accounted for in your transformation solution. This ensures we can deliver maximum benefits to your organisation in terms of operational and financial effectiveness. We’ll also present bespoke contract KPIs matched to your service and strategy so that you know exactly what to expect.

We take your strategic and clinical objectives and make them happen. Our highly experienced specialists provide a professional, trusted service and impartial advice based on your current and future needs. Our solutions delivery has an unwavering focus on patient outcomes and customer satisfaction.

We know from experience that continuous innovation supports better patient outcomes. For us, evidence-based continuous improvement means tracking and monitoring your data and analytics to assess further areas for improvement, keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and proactively improving operational efficiencies year after year.

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Why choose Ergéa?

  • Receive expert support to plan and deliver your strategic and operational goals.
  • Get what you need – delivered on time and on budget.
  • Lower costs and boost efficiencies with our continuously improving managed service.
  • Work with a flexible, vendor-independent provider to select best-of-breed technologies for your department.
  • Improve patient and staff experiences for better health outcomes.

Head of Radiology Services, Epsom Hospital

A newly-refurbished Radiology department with state-of-the-art equipment offers improved patient experience with access to high-quality imaging and greatly improved staff morale to encourage recruitment and retention.