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Services for Private Hospital Groups

Optimise your asset management strategy to maximise your productivity and improve clinical outcomes

Take control of the entire lifecycle of your private hospital’s asset portfolio

Ergéa’s bespoke solutions are designed around the specific needs and requirements of private hospital groups to manage the complete lifecycle of your medical equipment assets, improve compliance and maximise your efficiency – enabling you to deliver the best possible patient experience.

We understand private-sector hospital groups. We know their corporate objectives, operating models, challenges and cultures. Most importantly, we’ve seen first-hand how many of our customers have struggled to implement effective planning, standardisation and group-wide processes to manage the entire lifecycle of their medical devices for maximum benefit.

We aim to be long-term partners to help you identify and embed sustainable clinical and operational improvement programmes that increase efficiencies, drive savings and improve the staff and patient experience.

Each of our solutions for hospitals and hospital groups is designed to:

  • Manage risk
  • Increase compliance
  • Improve patient safety
  • Enhance the staff and patient experience.

What do our solutions for private hospitals include?

We offer flexible solutions that allow you to select the elements from our full service that your private hospital group requires to create a bespoke package that best suits your needs.

We design and implement governance frameworks to ensure that everyone in your private hospital group works together effectively and efficiently to achieve your strategic and operational goals.

We assign you a qualified Asset Management Consultant to analyse your written corporate and local policies, MHRA guidelines, Royal College Guidelines, CQC and other regulatory guidelines. Your consultant will then produce a draft Medical Equipment Management Policy (inclusive of all related equipment lifecycle components) for initial review and approval by Corporate before assisting in its rollout.

We work with our customers to create and maintain one data source for all medical equipment asset information. We also work with your external providers to schedule planned and corrective maintenance work, manage the process, provide all service reports and maintain an up-to-date log on your CMMS system. This benefits your clinicians, who have only one method for reporting faults and one point of contact for all Biomedical equipment.

We partner with you to place branded passive RFiD tags on each asset. Once your assets are tagged, they can be easily located when a tag reader comes within a certain distance of the asset. We then recommend the best strategies for the optimal scanning of medical equipment.

We offer a range of potential software packages that can link up and extract information from any database (including the hospital booking in system, RIS or PACS) to look at your existing asset use versus optimal capabilities.

We use the concept of the optimum economic and clinical life when helping you to make decisions about replacing ageing assets. We assess the current replacement frequency of assets against their running costs and clinical efficacy to determine the replacement frequency that results in the lowest overall replacement, maintenance, repair, utilisation, disposal and risk costs.

We create bespoke training and compliance solutions that meet the varied needs of all users and demonstrate widespread training best practices to external regulatory bodies. Our solutions can include face-to-face training, a web-based training portal and compliance management courses.

We’ll work with you to identify and embed sustainable clinical and operational improvement programmes that increase efficiencies and drive savings.

Working with Ergéa

One size doesn’t fit all – that’s why all our solutions are collaboratively designed around your unique needs and restrictions. Our approach is never prescriptive, and although the process may vary, our partnerships with private hospitals are characterised by several key phases.

We use proven modelling strategies to determine how our team can support you best. The first step is to use diagnostic tools and modelling to map out your individual objectives and pain points against a benefits approach to customer engagement.

The goals of our modelling are to:

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess your current operational position against best practice
  • Highlight achievable benefits
  • Demonstrate gaps in infrastructure and technology
  • Link your vision to tangible operational improvement programmes
  • Ensure that future projects are primed for success.

The next step is to use the data from our diagnostic modelling to create a suggested programme of works that can be split into smaller projects or workstreams. The design of smaller projects allows the implementation of best practice to happen over several years and reduces your burden of change. We’ll also present bespoke contractual KPIs matched to your service and strategy so that we can monitor individual projects to ensure they are delivering the required benefits.

After you’ve approved the programme of works broken down into independent projects, our experienced specialists will implement the individual projects to close the gap between your current situation and best practice at a sustainable pace for you. Each project delivery has an unwavering focus on patient outcomes and customer satisfaction, and when taken collectively as a whole programme of work, you’ll see the highest possible level of benefit.


Why partner with us?

We believe in enabling the potential of healthcare where it really matters – at the patient interface. When you partner with us, you’ll get all the expertise and support you need so you can focus on delivering better patient care.

  • Receive expert support to plan and deliver your strategic and operational goals.
  • Get what you need – delivered on time and on budget.
  • Lower costs and boost efficiencies with our continuously improving managed service.
  • Work with a flexible, vendor-independent provider to get unbiased, trustworthy advice that is right for you.
  • Manage and improve compliance and safety outcomes.
  • Ensure consistent care delivery and better patient outcomes.

Jason Hession, Director of Contracting, HCA Healthcare UK

The partnership we have developed with Ergea has enabled us to actively reduce and manage our risk, work together to improve site CQC ratings and have greater visibility and control of our medical equipment.