RadioOnkologieNetzwerk celebrates 15 years of dedicated excellence in patient care

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, the leading network of radiotherapy practices in Germany. 

The company’s journey began in 2008 when Dr Ralf Kurek and Dr Sandra Röddiger opened the first radiotherapy practice of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk – Strahlentherapie Ostalb in Aalen, North Württemberg. Driven by the founding couple’s commitment to delivering excellent care for patients with cancer and benign diseases, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk expanded into a network of 21 radiotherapy practices, two oncology centres, one diagnostic imaging practice and one hospital. 

Since 2021, the main shareholder of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk has been DWS, one of the world’s leading asset and infrastructure managers, on behalf of one of its European infrastructure funds. In 2023, various European healthcare companies owned by DWS were joined under a parent company, Ergéa Group, to create a prominent pan-European healthcare platform with a robust presence in cancer care and diagnostic imaging. Ergéa Group fosters improved collaboration among its regional entities, strengthening the delivery and quality of services locally and across its operating countries.

Dr Kurek and Dr Röddiger have remained actively engaged in clinical practice and company management since the creation of Ergéa Group. Their expertise and leadership extend beyond the confines of their practice, with contributions to both  Ergéa Deutschland and Ergéa Group. Their unwavering dedication ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care while guiding the company’s future endeavours.

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Strahlentherapie Ostalb, we appreciate the progress we’ve made and the positive impact we’ve had on the lives of numerous patients. We are excited to continue to leverage our expertise and resources to grow and expand Ergéa in Germany, increasing patient access to high-quality healthcare while prioritising the well-being of patients and staff.

Dr Ralf Kurek

Dr Röddiger and Dr Kurek are the largest private shareholders of Ergéa Group and hold a voting right in the Board of Directors, which determines the strategic direction of the whole group.

Looking ahead, Ergéa Deutschland aspires to further expand its radiotherapy business and venture into new modalities and services. By diversifying its offerings, Ergéa Deutschland aims to provide comprehensive diagnostic and care solutions. 

Being a part of Ergéa Group expands our horizons beyond Germany, and we are excited about the opportunities to leverage capabilities across the entities. To enhance our connection with our European sister companies, we are co-branding RadioOnkologieNetzwerk with Ergéa Group. Additionally, we have initiated the rebranding of our radiotherapy clinics to Ergéa, starting with Strahlentherapie Ostalb. 

Dr Sandra Röddiger

With a proven track record and expertise, Ergéa Deutschland is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare in Germany.