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Our solutions for clinics and practices

We help modernise and improve oncology services to deliver the best possible patient care.

Radiotherapy and radiology departments and clinics are often faced with challenges that negatively impact service delivery, such as mounting patient backlogs, workforce shortages, insufficient funding, and outdated infrastructure and technology.

We empower hospitals and practices to overcome these challenges by enabling access to the latest technologies – resulting in expanded treatment options, improved safety, reliability, and patient outcomes.

What do our solutions for private hospitals include?

We enable the modernization of oncology services by introducing best practices delivered with the most up-to-date medical technologies. We form genuine, long-term partnerships to provide all the financial, personnel, and know-how resources required to solve the most complex challenges, while allowing our customers to retain full clinical governance.
Our consultative approach and specialist expertise characterise our flexible, vendor-independent, and cost-efficient solutions, which provide support across the following key areas:

We dig deep to understand your challenges and limitations before providing our vendor-independent advice on technological solutions to optimize your clinical service. Thanks to our strong purchasing power at the European level and our relationships with all the major technology suppliers, we can ensure you get access to the latest technologies at the best possible value. We ensure you have access to new technologies and the ability to procure and implement them throughout the life of the contract.

We help you turn your strategic needs and ambitions into reality. Backed by extensive expertise and experience in running our network of private oncology clinics in Germany, we can assist you in designing and building oncology departments and suites that leverage advanced medical technologies to optimize patient flow, increase efficiency, improve safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance both the patient experience and clinical outcomes.

We conduct a thorough discovery phase to understand your unique workforce challenges. Our solutions can include modernizing the department to increase capacity, implementing new technologies, introducing digital innovations, training and recruiting staff, or providing field-based engineers, clinical staff, and administrative support as part of our integrated on-site service.

We can help you achieve full compliance with the relevant national and regional laws and regulations…

We offer a comprehensive asset management service that includes full life-cycle management of your technologies, availability and replacement planning, performance management, maintenance, user training, decommissioning and disposal.

Our risk-sharing model means we finance your solutions and share in both the risk and the profit. Our flexible solutions include partially or fully funded facility and equipment replacement programs.

We know how. With our expertise and experience, we can optimally support you with your administrative tasks, be it with billing or tax questions, as well as legal issues.

Whether you’re looking to implement new software or improve your cybersecurity, we’ll help you choose, install, and integrate the IT solutions that work for you.

From workflow design to go-live and the associated official approval and acceptance processes. We support you with our network of experts.

We are continually looking for long-term research and innovation partners. Renowned institutions such as the Gemelli University Hospital in Rome have been working successfully with us for over 20 years. Our goal is to further expand this research network through joint projects.

Our marketing experts can support you in developing and implementing a strategy and activities to build a strong brand and establish an efficient patient acquisition framework.


Why partner with us?

  • Unrivalled expertise - Receive expert support to plan and deliver your strategic and operational goals whilst retaining full governance and control
  • Vendor-neutrality - Get unbiased, trustworthy advice on the technology and equipment that best meets your objectives.
  • Innovation – Bring innovative and high-quality care to your patients with the support of a provider with a proven track record of introducing tech innovation to the market.
  • Speed – Deploy improvements faster with the support of an agile partner who has experience planning and implementing complex projects in record time from contract signoff.
  • Aligned objectives – Share in the risk and reward with us, which means you only pay if the clinical and operational objectives are achieved.
  • Increased staff satisfaction – Attract and retain skilled professionals.
  • Improved patient care – Ensure consistent care delivery, better clinical outcomes and enhanced patient experience.