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About us

We enable the potential of healthcare.

We take pride in having built RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, Germany’s leading private network of radiotherapy practices. Our 24 radiotherapy clinics are an essential part of local healthcare ecosystems, providing treatments for malign tumor diseases as well as benign diseases such as osteoarthritis. We also operate two diagnostic imaging practices, two outpatient practices specialising in internal medicine and oncology, and a hospital with primary and emergency care.

We are a part of Ergéa Group, a pan-European cancer care and diagnostic imaging platform. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of our existing operations in Germany and collaborating with our sister companies in other European countries, we are committed to expanding and diversifying the range of services we provide in Germany.

RadioOnkologieNetzwerk by numbers

Our group

The Ergéa Group has been formed through acquisitions in the healthcare sector, bringing together companies with distinct and complementary business models and company cultures.
With medical doctors establishing the strategic course for our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, Ergéa Group is a physician-led organisation that, by default, places patients and healthcare professionals at the heart of the healthcare system. We chose the name Ergéa to symbolise the patient-centric mindset we share across the group.

Like Western medicine itself, the name Ergéa has Greek roots. In Greek, érgo means 'work', and ygeía means 'health'. The blending of these two words as Ergéa can be roughly translated to "working for health".

This translation captures our ambition to bring better healthcare to the place where it has the most significant impact – at the patient interface. This is where the healthcare system meets the patient to make a difference in each individual’s life.


Our journey

In 2008, radiation therapy specialists Dr. Sandra Röddiger und Dr. Ralf Kurek founded their first radiotherapy practice in Aalen, North Württemberg. This pivotal moment marks the genesis of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk. Building on this foundation, a thriving, physician-led practice network evolved in subsequent years, committed to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, professional expertise, and compassionate care. From the very beginning, creating an inclusive, safe, and inspirational workplace has been a top priority.

RadioOnkologieNetzwerk has has been established on this solid footing, and the company continues to evolve with a forward-looking approach

Here are some key milestones on our journey.



Together with the other healthcare companies acquired by DWS in the UK and Italy, RadioOnkologieNetzwerk becomes part of Ergéa Group, a pan-European healthcare platform with a strong foothold in cancer care and diagnostic imaging.

The network grew with the acquisition of Strahlentherapie Pasing close to Munich and opening of Strahlentherapie Sindelfingen close to Stuttgart in 2023.
We acquire two radiotherapy practices in Bavaria, Strahlentherapie-Radioonkologie Freising and Strahlentherapie-Radioonkologie Dachau.

With the acquisition of RadioChirurgicum CyberKnife® Südwest in Baden-Württemberg, we expand our expertise to robotics and AI technology to provide precise and personalised cancer treatment for the treatment of certain tumour types.
We open two new radiotherapy practices, Strahlentherapie Appenweier in Baden-Württemberg and Strahlentherapie Main-Franken in Bavaria.

We expand our reach in Germany by acquiring an MVZ in lower Saxony and a radiotherapy practice, Strahlentherapie Leer.

Summit Partners sells its shares to DWS Infrastructure.
We acquire the first MVZs and practices outside Baden-Württemberg: Strahlentherapie Osnabrück, Strahlentherapie Frankfurt and Strahlentherapie Duisburg.

We further expand the network in Baden-Württemberg by acquiring Strahlentherapie Horb am Neckar.
We acquire a hospital in Lower Saxony, Einbecker BürgerSpital Service GmbH, which serves as the MVZ carrier company.

We restructure the company as RadioOnkologieNetzwerk GmbH. Summit Partners, an American private equity firm, acquires shares in the company.
We open a new radiotherapy practice, Strahlentherapie Sigmaringen, in Baden-Württemberg.
We extend the network in Baden-Württemberg with the opening of a new radiotherapy outpatient centre, Strahlentherapie Neckarsulm, and with the acquisition of Strahlentherapie Baden-Baden.
The network opens three more practices in Baden-Württemberg: Onkologie Ostalb; Strahlentherapie Tauber-Franken; and Strahlentherapie, MRT & NUK Schwäbisch Gmünd.
The second radiotherapy outpatient centre, Strahlentherapie Rems-Murr, is opened. A new company, RadioOnkologieNordwuerttemberg GbR, is established to manage the growing network of practices.
Dr Sandra Röddiger and Dr Ralf Kurek establish the first radiation therapy practice of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk in Aalen, North Württemberg. From 2008 up to now, the founding couple continues to work in the clinical practice and management of the company.

Our locations

Our team

We wouldn’t be able to achieve excellent medical outcomes for patients without the dedication of our talented team.
Meet the outstanding team leaders working with their teams to ensure high-quality care for our patients.


With a distinctive blend of expertise and experience encompassing both the business and clinical domains, Dr. Michael Thorwarth leads the implementation of the business expansion strategy for Ergéa Deutschland and RadioOnkologieNetzwerk. Trained as a medical doctor specialised in maxillofacial surgery, he brings a clinical perspective and a patient-centered approach to his role.

Having transitioned to business management, Dr. Thorwarth has previously served as a Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group. He has also successfully built a group of dental care centers in Germany, showcasing his proficiency in both healthcare and business leadership.

In his role as the CCO, Johannes Schröder oversees financial performance and clinic acquisitions. With a strong background in M&A and strategic business development from various executive and board positions in healthcare, media, construction material and financial industries, he has a proven track record of success in driving growth and profitability.

As the COO of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, Michael Schmid is responsible for the operational, budget, resource, contract and procurement management of the medical care centres and radiotherapy practices.

Before joining the company in 2018, Mr Schmid gained extensive experience in senior-level positions at various rehabilitation clinics.

Markus Amberger heads the finance department with a focus on network expansion of Ergéa Deutschland and RadioOnkologieNetzwerk.

Before joining RadioOnkologieNetzwerk in early 2020, Markus Amberger worked in investment banking, advising German corporates and financial institutions on finance matters.

Dorothea Hammer works in the medical physics department of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, which focuses on dosimetry, radiation protection, treatment planning, quality assurance of linear accelerators and sharing expert knowledge. Her role involves managing tasks and employees, overseeing new installations of linear accelerators, standardising procedures, liaising with vendors and management and personnel management.

Ms Hammer has been an integral member of the RadioOnkologieNetzwerk team since 2012. She has a background in medical engineering and holds a master's degree in medical radiation sciences with certification in radiation protection for medical physics experts.

Marius Hajda is responsible for medical technology and quality management at RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, where he leverages his expertise to ensure top-quality patient care, adherence to quality standards, implementation of hygiene protocols and compliance with data protection regulations.
Before starting in his current role in 2012, Mr Hajda gained valuable clinical experience as a Senior Medical Technologist in radiation therapy and as a Medical Technical Radiology Assistant at private clinics. Additionally, he has been working as a freelance MTR since 2008. Mr Hajda holds a degree in medical technology, specialising in radiology.

Jens Ower leads the Clinical Services business unit, which supports hospital partners in achieving their objectives, whether through joint shaping of technology infrastructure solutions, offering consultancy services, or introducing resource sharing.

Before joining the company, Jens held leadership positions at various Original Equipment Manufacturers. He built robust partnerships with hospitals and radiotherapy centers, pioneering the implementation of innovative technologies and disruptive workflows, and leveraging financing concepts.

Our shareholders

The majority owner of RadioOnkologieNetzwerk and Ergéa Group is DWS, one of the world’s leading asset and infrastructure managers, on behalf of one of its European infrastructure funds.

Dr Sandra Röddiger and Dr Ralf Kurek are the largest private shareholders of the company. Together with representatives from DWS Infrastructure and the Group CEO Guglielmo Brayda di Soleto, they form the Board of Directors, which defines the group's strategic direction. Several members of our operational management have also vested personally in the success of Ergéa.

Strong support from our shareholders allows us to focus on long-term growth and pursue new opportunities whilst providing a return on stakeholder investment.