A modernised partnership with an enduring legacy: Casa di Cura “Madre Fortunata Toniolo” and Medipass sign a new partnership contract

Medipass is proud to announce a new contract with Casa di Cura “Madre Fortunata Toniolo”, the most prominent private healthcare facility in Bologna and the Emilia Romagna region, to update the hospital’s diagnostic imaging department to the latest technologies and standards.

Our agreement with Casa di Cura ‘Madre Fortunata Toniolo’ is a new kind of innovative joint venture, a true partnership that allows both parties to contribute their distinctive capabilities. The partnership will update the Diagnostic Imaging department to meet modern standards and technologies, attract the best clinical professionals and enable faster and more accurate diagnoses for the hospital’s patients

Michele Corti, CEO of Medipass

This new contract is the latest step in a historic journey for Medipass, who signed their first-ever contract three decades ago with Casa di Cura. The recent partnership announcement offers an opportunity to reflect on the successful journey and growth of Medipass.

The 1990s marked a turning point for diagnostic medicine as the availability and increased use of MRI and CT scanners offered a non-invasive method of visualising organs, body structures and soft tissues. That same decade also marked the start of Medipass, whose founders had an early grasp of the disruptive role this imaging equipment would play in diagnostic medicine. Most importantly, they also recognised the need for hospitals to stay abreast of these technological and medical advances.

With this vision in mind, Medipass signed its first contract three decades ago with Casa di Cura “Madre Fortunata Toniolo” to support the establishment of the hospital’s diagnostic imaging department. In the three decades since being awarded its first contract, Medipass has become the leading provider of technological innovation and required organisational framework across diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment activities in Italy.

Medipass has implemented numerous customised Integrated Clinical Services contracts that require the installation and management of multiple MRI, CT, PET/CT scanners, as well as other sophisticated and complex equipment. Delivering these contracts has given the company unparalleled experience and expertise in the operational management of advanced technologies. As a result, Medipass has been able to implement best practices that drive efficiencies and ensure high standards of quality and safety for both patients and operators.

It all started with the combination of two professionals with very different skills and experiences being driven by a common vision and an unwavering passion for improving diagnosis through the innovative new technology of the time – the MRI. Today Medipass has over 400 employees, and we enable more than 800,000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures a year through our integrated services contracts in Italy

Flavio Vinci, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Medipass

Medipass and Ergéa Group look forward to continuing to provide cutting-edge, turnkey solutions to Casa di Cura “Madre Fortunata Toniolo” and other private and public hospitals in Italy.

Looking back, we take pride in how far we have come. Most importantly, we are proud to have positively impacted patients’ lives by supporting the introduction of innovations in diagnosis and care. We support Casa di Cura ‘Madre Fortunata Toniolo’ with the same excitement and commitment to excellence as when we began our journey with them.

Flavio Vinci, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Medipass