Changes in Leadership: Ergéa Deutschland’s Transition

Ergéa Deutschland appoints Dr. Michael Thorwarth as CEO and Johannes Schröder as CCO; co-founders and CEOs Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek transition to Co-Chairpersons at Ergéa Group.

Co-founders of RadioOnkologieNetwerk and CEOs of Ergéa Deutschland, Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek, have transitioned to new roles as Co-Chairpersons of the Board of Directors at Ergéa Group. The German operations are led by Dr. Michael Thorwarth, who has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Ergéa Deutschland. To further strengthen its team dedicated to expanding business operations in the DACH countries, Ergéa Deutschland has also welcomed Johannes Schröder, who has taken on the newly created role of Chief Commercial Officer for the region. Both appointments became effective on September 15, 2023.

For over 15 years, Dr. Röddiger and Dr. Kurek have been the driving force behind our German entity, leading the expansion from a single practice in Baden-Württemberg to the establishment of the largest private network of radiotherapy practices in Germany. In their new roles, Dr. Röddiger and Dr. Kurek will leverage their wealth of experience and insights to help shaping the strategic direction of Ergéa Group. Collaborating with the group management, regional executives and fellow shareholders, they will contribute to refining and implementing the long-term business plan, as well as further enhancing the medical and operational excellence across the whole group. They will also remain dedicated to supporting our German operations, guaranteeing a smooth transition as the new CEO assumes responsibility for managing the local business.

As we shift our focus to our new roles at the Ergéa Group level, we are enthusiastic about our group functions and the opportunities we get to further enhance patient access to high-quality healthcare in Europe. While we may be stepping back from managing the day-to-day operations in Germany, we will continue to serve as advisors to the management team in Germany, all while maintaining our clinical work as radiation oncologists at one of our practices. We are confident that Dr. Michael Thorwarth and Johannes Schröder will ensure continuous growth and success in the DACH region.

Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek

Dr. Michael Thorwarth brings to Ergéa Deutschland and RadioOnkologieNetzwerk a unique blend of expertise and experience spanning both the business and clinical domains. He holds degrees in business administration, medicine and dentistry. In the early stages of his career, he acquired 8 years clinical experience as a maxillofacial surgeon at university hospitals in Germany. Following the completion of his MBA studies, Dr. Thorwarth joined Boston Consulting Group, where he contributed as a Partner and Managing Director to projects within healthcare. Prior to assuming his role at Ergéa Group Deutschland, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of DEIN DENTAL, a group of dental care centers in Germany.

I am honored and delighted to join Ergéa Deutschland and RadioOnkologieNetzwerk, building upon the outstanding legacy left by Dr. Röddiger and Dr. Kurek. I look forward to collaborating with the local and group teams to uphold the tradition of the highest quality of patient care while also fostering business growth.

Dr. Michael Thorwarth

Johannes Schröder joins Ergéa Deutschland from the DEIN DENTAL group, where he led M&A and strategic business development efforts to expand the clinic network in Germany. Prior to this role, he gained extensive experience in strategic business development, holding executive and non-executive board positions in various companies within the media and building materials industries. Additionally, he worked as an investment professional in investment banks and logistics. Mr. Schröder holds an M.Sc. degree in Business Administration and is a Chartered Financial Analyst, certified by the CFA Institute.

Ergéa is in an incredibly exciting phase, experiencing rapid growth and fostering a vibrant atmosphere filled with entrepreneurial dynamism and ambition. We have numerous growth opportunities ahead of us, and, in my opinion, there’s no better moment to become a part of this journey.

Johannes Schröder

We extend our appreciation to Dr. Sandra Röddiger and Dr. Ralf Kurek for their exceptional leadership in Germany, and we look forward to their continued contributions in their new roles at Ergéa Group level. Additionally, we warmly welcome Dr. Michael Thorwarth and Mr. Johannes Schröder to Ergéa.