Medipass confirms its social commitment by continuing to support Casa Priscilla

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In recent days some Medipass colleagues, together with EVP Flavio Vinci, visited the new “house” of Casa Priscilla in Padua.

A Non-Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to needy women and their children, especially when they are victims of domestic violence. The mission is to provide a safe haven where these people can find protection, emotional support and practical resources to rebuild their lives. It also provides temporary reception services, psychological counselling, legal assistance and social reintegration programmes to help women overcome violence and regain autonomy and independence.   Medipass has long supported Casa Priscilla and this visit was an important moment to renew the bond and confirm our social commitment.

Operating in health care for over thirty years leads to a particular sensitivity to fragile people” – emphasizes Flavio Vinci – “After crossing the path of Casa Priscilla, the efforts and results of its inspirer, qualified collaborators and numerous volunteers, all together a clear reference point for the community, is a gift that enriches and inspires us further towards the attention due to those in need of support, in hospital and outside it.

Flavio Vinci, Executive VP and Chief Operation Officer of Medipass

Casa Priscilla strongly believes in partnerships between non-profit and charities or companies, as important tools to amplify efforts and maximize the impact of the initiatives carried out for the benefit of people with situations of fragility and discomfort to overcome and therefore to the benefit of the entire community. Medipass is present and each of you can be involved.

Medipass visit to Casa Priscilla.
Da sinistra: Nicola Bernardi (Casa Priscilla), Flavio Vinci, Cristina Benettin (Casa Priscilla), Mauro Mazzucato, Marco De Summa, Sandro Spinosa, Antonio Mellea, Roberta Visentin.

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