Ergéa facilitates Advanced Medical Equipment to Boost Cancer Care at Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) 

In partnership with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Ergéa has recently installed new radiotherapy treatment equipment at the Oncology & Haematology Centre at the Churchill Hospital in order to provide state-of-the-art care for cancer patients.

In addition to installing two new Varian Halcyon machines, Ergéa have also installed a new Varian TrueBeam with HyperArc. The specific Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator (Linac) installed is a specialised Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) device which uses many precisely targeted, high intensity radiation beams to treat tumours in the brain. By utilizing its HyperArc capability, the TrueBeam enables faster and more efficient treatment to patients with brain tumours.

Our team has been working closely with the hospital’s staff to ensure the new machines are fully operational and that training support has been provided. In addition to our initial design, room fit out and installation of the equipment, we remain committed to providing ongoing support to the hospital throughout the lifetime of the equipment, including maintenance and training. Our team is readily available to offer expert advice and assistance whenever needed, ensuring that the hospital can continue to provide high-quality treatment to its patients

Robin Rezende, Director of Radiotherapy Transformation Services, Ergéa

We are proud to be one of only a few NHS trusts to have a Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator with HyperArc capability. This demonstrates that we are always finding innovative ways to treat our patients and making sure we provide quality and compassionate care.

Dr Anny Sykes, Interim Chief Medical Officer, Oxford University Hospitals

Making the latest technology available to patients is vital to enable better patient outcomes, increase efficiency and improve quality of care. The new Linear Accelerator devices have improved our efficiency, reducing treatment times and allowing us to increase the numbers of patients we can treat each day.

Louise Drummond, Radiotherapy Operational Manager

As part of a long-term Managed Equipment Service (MES) contract with the Trust, Ergéa will replace two further Linacs and two CT Simulators in 2023 and 2024.  Prior to the Varian TrueBeam Linac, the two Varian Halcyon Linacs were delivered to the Trust in 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, a significant upgrade to the IT infrastructure and treatment planning system was completed in 2021 bringing enhanced efficiencies, advanced functionality and remote working capabilities, benefitting both service operation and staff work-life balance.  The Radiology Department has also undertaken an equally ambitious replacement plan with the completion of four Mammography rooms and four General X-ray rooms in 2022. And a further three CTs, two Gamma Cameras, three Interventional/Fluoroscopy rooms and seven Ultrasound Rooms are to be undertaken in 2023/2024.

The new equipment projects at the Churchill Hospital that Ergéa manages are all completed as part of a ‘turnkey’ process through the MES contract. This means Ergéa is responsible for the complex task of designing, installing and managing the ongoing maintenance of this highly specialised equipment, which reduces significant operational workload for Trust administration. It also ensures a planned schedule of equipment replacement is in place for the life of the concession.   

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