Ergéa facilitates state-of-the-art MRI Simulator transforming radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients in Yorkshire

Ground-breaking advancements in radiotherapy treatment have arrived at Leeds Cancer Centre with the installation of a cutting-edge MRI Simulator, made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ergéa, the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Philips, Albany and Equans.

This state-of-the-art machine is set to revolutionise the precision and targeting of radiotherapy treatment, resulting in reduced side effects and improved patient outcomes.

The cutting-edge MRI Simulator produces high-definition and high-contrast images, enabling clinicians to administer more accurate and targeted radiotherapy treatments while minimising the risk of side effects. Patients with various types of cancer, including those affecting the head-and-neck, pelvis, and brain, stand to benefit from this advanced technology.

Ergéa is dedicated to assisting our partners in delivering exceptional patient care by strategically selecting and implementing the best equipment, technology and systems that meet both current and future needs.

As they celebrate the successful installation at Leeds, Ergéa is eagerly anticipating bringing this advanced equipment to other regions across the UK in the upcoming months. To ensure seamless operation, Ergéa will continue to provide ongoing support, encompassing maintenance and comprehensive training to the radiotherapy team in Leeds.

For this project, we have worked closely with the hospital staff through the design, commissioning, and installation of the equipment to ensure its full functionality, and we will continue providing ongoing support, including maintenance and training. We take pride in being part of this project that allowed us, working collaboratively with other key stakeholders, to create a place of care and cutting-edge treatment for the people in Yorkshire and even further afield.

John Muolo, Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Relationships at Ergéa

The acquisition of the MRI Simulator was made possible through a successful fundraising appeal initiated by the Leeds Hospitals Charity in 2017. The £2.4 million target was met in 2019, but due to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the installation was delayed until late 2022. The machine first opened to patients in April 2023.

Leeds Cancer Centre’s radiotherapy department is among a select few in England to offer this advanced imaging technology to patients. In 2022, the radiotherapy department, one of the largest in Europe, delivered 80,000 treatments to almost 7,000 patients from across Yorkshire.

The installation of the MRI Sim machine will transform the way radiotherapy treatment is delivered to cancer patients. This will also enable the team here to significantly improve radiotherapy treatment planning and ensure as much of the tumour area is targeted without irradiating surrounding areas.

Helen Christodoulides, Chief Nurse at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Ergéa has been supporting the Leeds Cancer Centre with a long-term contract since 2007, providing a managed equipment service for radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging at the standalone Bexley Wing. The company’s track record in managing sophisticated radiotherapy equipment, coupled with its corporate strength and resources, enables it to provide a comprehensive service tailored to meet unique requirements and enable the potential of healthcare.

With one in two people in the UK expected to develop cancer in their lifetime and 27% of cancer patients requiring radiotherapy treatment, Ergéa’s goal is to stand beside hospitals and clinics providing cancer services. By ensuring access to the most advanced medical equipment in radiotherapy and overseeing the management of complex radiotherapy equipment for the long term, Ergéa enables healthcare providers to prioritise delivering the best possible patient care.

Our Ergéa team John Muolo, Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Relationships, and Daina Dambitis, Leeds MES Manager
MRI installation
MRI Simulator in Bexley Wing at St James Hospital, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust