Ergéa Group establishes Medical Scientific Committee to drive innovation and enhance quality

Ergéa Group proudly announces the formation of its new Medical Scientific Committee, a diverse and experienced team of experts in oncology, radiation therapy, radiology, nuclear medicine, clinical engineering and technology assessment. The Medical Scientific Committee will convene on a regular basis to provide responses to any questions arising from the group’s activities, with a strong emphasis on scientific rigor and expertise. Additionally, the committee will provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance Ergéa’s ability to provide advisory and clinical services that are grounded in the latest scientific evidence and uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.

We greatly appreciate having this opportunity to have in-depth discussions with some of the leading experts in radiation oncology and nuclear medicine regarding medical and scientific trends and developments, regulatory requirements, and best practices. This committee will ensure that we remain at the forefront of medical research and practice, driving innovation and enhancing the quality of our services.

Guglielmo Brayda di Soleto, CEO of Ergéa Group

Ergéa Group is delighted to welcome the following experts to join the Medical Scientific Committee as trusted advisors:

Dr Filippo Alongi is a Radiation Oncologist and clinical researcher. He has published numerous research articles on radiotherapy and oncology in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to medical teaching books and is a renowned lecturer at universities and speaker at major congresses. Dr Alongi is principal investigator of several clinical trials and studies on innovative and advanced technology, including image-guided, intensity-modulated and adaptive radiotherapy.

Currently, Dr Alongi serves as the Head of Advanced Radiation Oncology Department at IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Cancer Care Center of Negrar in Verona, Italy. Dr Alongi also holds the position of full Professor at the University of Brescia, Italy, where he teaches medical students, imaging technicians, and nurses about diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology. His professional roles include being an associate editor for the Radiation Oncology Journal and a board member of the EORTC for international trials in radiotherapy and oncology

Dr Laura Evangelista is a Medical Doctor specialized in nuclear medicine. She has published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented several of her findings at major national and international conferences on Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, and Neutron Therapy. Dr Evangelista is continuously and actively involved in clinical research studies evaluating nuclear medicine technologies and techniques, with a focus on diagnosing and treating breast and prostate cancers.

Currently, Dr Evangelista serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Padua, Italy, teaching diagnostic imaging to the next generation of medical professionals. She also holds the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Clinical and Translational Imaging journal.

Dr Moataz Karmalawy is a senior executive with a Ph. D. in engineering and 30 years of experience in the heathcare and medical device industries covering wide areas of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Currently, he is the president of AVO, a UK-based company focused on delivering a proton-based radiotherapy solution.

Dr Karmalawy previously served as President, Worldwide Particle Therapy at Varian medical systems/Siemens the General Manager of Nuclear Medicine at ADAC Laboratories/Philips Medical Systems. Dr. Karmalawy holds 12 patents and has published various in major technical journals and conference proceedings.

Dr Penny Kechagioglou is a Clinical Oncologist with experience in both clinical work and various medical leadership positions in the NHS and private sector in the UK. She specialises in the treatment of breast cancers using all treatment modalities, including modern radiotherapy techniques. Dr Kechagioglou is actively involved in numerous research and clinical research projects and has published several research articles on oncology.

Currently, Dr Kechagioglou is serving as Chief Clinical Information Officer, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and Consultant Clinical Oncologist at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire in the UK. In addition to holding a medical degree, Dr Kechagioglou has completed degrees in public health and health management, business administration, and has a doctorate in business with a focus on leadership and innovation.

Ergéa Group looks forward to working closely with the committee to further improve its standards of service innovation and provision of advanced medical technology.