The essential guide to ultrasound machine maintenance

Among the huge variety of essential medical devices, ultrasound machines are well-renowned for their versatility within clinical settings. However, without the proper care and maintenance, they will fail to operate with the high levels of precision that you would expect.

In this article, we have compiled a list of effective methods to maintain your ultrasound machine correctly, while also highlighting some of the main benefits you can expect from doing so. 

Medical devices for ultrasound examination on exhibition

The benefits of correct ultrasound machine maintenance

Ensuring the proper upkeep of your ultrasound equipment will keep things running smoothly and maintain your ability to provide high-level patient care. 

However, it can also offer several other benefits, such as: 

Why does ultrasound machine maintenance matter?

Maintaining your ultrasound machine is not just about keeping it running – it's about safeguarding patient care and optimising your resources.

Neglecting the maintenance of these machines can not only lead to a poor return on investment but also lead to the machines’ premature failure and potentially compromise your patients’ diagnoses.

Plus, when you consider how much ultrasound technology costs to install in the first place, the need to adopt a proactive approach to its correct maintenance starts to become a lot more clear.

Close-up view of a healthcare professional's hands operating an ultrasound machine

How to maintain your ultrasound machine: key considerations

According to the European Society of Radiology (ESR), having adequate training, documentation and hygiene protocols in place are all essential aspects of maintaining ultrasound equipment effectively.1 

The best practice recommendations they outline regarding the use of ultrasound equipment in Europe highlight some of the key considerations you should make to maintain your equipment correctly. These include:

Trust Ergéa to deliver reliable medical equipment maintenance

At Ergéa, we understand the critical role that medical equipment like ultrasound machines can have in helping you deliver modern-day healthcare.

By partnering with us, you will not only gain access to some of the latest technologies but also a whole host of other benefits:

  • Expertise and training – our team is comprised of highly trained technicians with extensive experience in repairing medical devices. Our commitment to continuous training allows us to stay ahead of the latest advancements and guarantee a reliable service.
  • Quality assurance – we uphold the highest standards in ultrasound machine maintenance, using top-quality replacement parts and following best practices in repair and testing. Each repair we carry out undergoes rigorous checks and will be documented with detailed reports and photographic evidence.
  • Sustainable cost-effective savings – ultrasound maintenance offers more than just financial benefits; it also promotes sustainability. By extending the lifespan of equipment and minimising waste, we help you contribute to a greener future while also saving you money.

Contact us today to learn more about our diagnostic imaging maintenance services and discover how our team can support your clinical needs.


European Society of Radiology (2020). Position statement and best practice recommendations on the imaging use of ultrasound from the European Society of Radiology ultrasound subcommittee. Insights into Imaging. 11(1):(115) (2020).